My wife and children love to travel around Europe! And sat down to think: where are all the same to go to this time ?! And so our choice fell on Germany, namely Berlin! Well went happily ra soul, contact! The result ?! Zero! Just did not know Berlin and all the sights t.dё, on their return were very unhappy! And then one day decided to go to the next European countries, the wife stumbled on advertising one, rang naudivlenie polite manager, said that the company is very serious that the drivers know several languages, including Russian, well, we all do decide and do not regret, the driver not only knows a bunch of languages, and the whole of Berlin at their fingertips! Well, finally the trip was a success, thank you that there are still such serious companies !!! Good luck to you!

Two months ago, together with his fellow students decided to visit the capital of Germany - Berlin. Purchase tickets, airfare, cost us less than the nerves to find the place of arrival of the normal hostel and guide for the next week. To help us to come to the same "glorious internet", where we found the service to Berlin-Transfer. Thanks to our vacation was saved.

Not for the sake of advertising, just want to thank the employees berlin-transfer, firstly, for their professionalism, and secondly, for human relations. The bottom line is this: the first time I let go of her child, a daughter 14 years old, on vacation one for the road to Berlin. That is, here, of course, conducted before boarding the plane at the airport, and Sch & # 246; nefeld it was to meet long been living in Brandenburg girlfriend Tiffany, the lady at the age, but she is quite sensible that we always keep a friendly relationship. 
Of course, we phoned in advance and discuss the nuances, and - with a clear conscience sent his daughter to the first independent - so far, so exciting, flight. And how on earth could happen - on arrival no one is met! Share what we have felt and experienced at the moment, apparently simple words is impossible. I was ready to rush to the airport and fly the next flight. As it turned out, the friend on the road to the airport was in an accident, resulting in lost consciousness briefly ... 
But all ended well, as my colleagues suggested solution - contact the, whose services they once enjoyed when traveling to Berlin - they were taken on a tour of the city. 
And all of our excitement subsided, as the machine with a very polite with English speaking driver arrived pretty quickly. In addition, they have helped to clarify the situation - phoned the police and found out that nothing terrible had happened with the familiar. Daughter was taken immediately to the address in Brandenburg and waited until our friend to come - about an hour later she was home. 
A happy ending.

Last year, I had to accompany my sister to Berlin for a medical examination. As in Berlin, we have not been before, we do not know how we will get to the clinic. On the advice of a friend contacted the company Just to say that we like, to say nothing. Service at the height of the ladder almost met, were taken to the place. After the survey, we even had time to go on a tour through Berlin (agreed with the driver). It is a pity that there has been little, if once again arrive, be sure to use the shuttle service.

It has long wanted to visit Berlin and husband organized a honeymoon in the city of my dreams. To my delight there was no limit. He secretly arranged the entire trip, stay in a hotel. However, on arrival we waited a little disappointing, the German knows only the spouse and the initial level. Even to get to the hotel cost us enormous efforts, and in front of us waiting for a vast range of activities. Well, here's my hero rescued the situation found in the Internet company, which gave us the car with English speaking driver. I felt like a princess with a personal driver. Thanks to equipment of the driver were able to attend all scheduled attractions, including the Pergamon Museum. The last day I devoted to shopping and bought all the relatives gifts. It was an unforgettable vacation.

Hi all, I want to tell you a very interesting and instructive story, for those who are going abroad, particularly in Germaniyu.V late 2014 I got married and his wife gave us a ticket to Berlin, it was called New Year Berline.Ya think not tell need we had a super mood this podarka.I here December 30 we arrived in Berlin in anticipation of a fairy tale and prazdnika.No proved not so easy and simple, coming from the airport we had to taxi them we quickly found for shashechkam.Podoshli to the taxi driver, and then we realize that no one knows the German language, only English and then at 5 klassa.Nemets began to listen to our rubbish, smiled, took his radio and said something about a miracle car drove up in which the driver was Russian! As he later told it works, which deals with transfers in Germany and Europe. We recorded a phone and our leisure, shopping and general good mood was saved.