Entertainment programs for children

Game Center Legoland in Berlin

For children and adults, in love with the designer Lego, in Berlin opened a huge Legoland Discovery Center with a variety of fun entertainment, attractions and activities.

In the center of Berlin can be seen in miniature. The town, built of blocks of 2 million, is just 50 square meters, but nevertheless presents to visitors all the important sights of the German capital. Of cubes are built Gothic castle with a labyrinth of rooms, where you can ride a dragon.

Guests can visit the center of the Lego factory and learn how crude molten plastic is converted into the usual dice. In a special workshop for children will be offered to assemble their dream car and test it for strength, having a high-speed test. Meet Lego-characters can be closer at 4D-cinema. What is there just is not: you can learn to fly in the magical Merlin Library, play pirates with a radio-controlled vehicle or receive training in a camp for the ninja. Toddlers from 1 year to 5 years old can play to develop designers Duplo. In addition, the Legoland Discovery has a separate games room with a climbing frame, slides and a dry swimming pool.


At the heart of Legoland Discovery can celebrate Birthday (11,5-13,5 per person). Holiday package includes a banquet room for birthdays and free ice cream for all guests. To quench your thirst or hunger may be in the cafe, opened in the center. For those who would like to continue to experiment with the designer at home, working in the center of company store Lego.

The cost of tickets to Game Center Legoland Discovery - 16 euros.

Berlin Zoo

Berlin Zoo - Zoologischer Garten Berlin, covers an area of ​​35 hectares in the Tiergarten district of Berlin and is one of the biggest zoos in Germany. None of the zoo world is not represented by a number of animal species (about 15 000 animals, 1,500 species). Together with the adjacent aquarium, over three floors which are not only fish but also reptiles, amphibians, insects and invertebrates, Berlin Zoo belongs to Berlin's main attractions. Each year, the zoo is visited by about 2.6 million people.


Tropical Island Water Park

Can you wake up cold March morning in Berlin and a half hours to be in the rainforest? Of course you can! And it does not need to pack suitcases and go to the airport and fly a few hours by plane to any resort town. Just 70 kilometers from Berlin's 24-hour open Europe's largest and, perhaps, one of the most amazing theme parks - Tropical Island..

Düsseldorf-Fantesiland Fantasy-Land Park

Phantasialand - one of the most famous and most original theme parks in Germany. His subjects - science fiction, and everything related to the future, making the park is very popular among young people and among adults. 
Activities in Germany in the park Phantasialand - is incredibly exciting and interesting to do, a lot of tasteful rides made not let you get bored and either deliver an incomparable pleasure, here everyone will find entertainment to their liking, and no one will be indifferent. 
The park is a 15-minute drive from the city of Cologne 
The nail of the program - Space Show - Galaxy! An incredible journey through the Milky Way - a stunning multimedia effects and dynamic imitation of space flight. 
In addition, Adventures in Colorado with Michael Jackson, exciting cruise on the wild rivers golivudskih, dizzying Phantom show, Dead loop, Viking ship, the Kodak tower, Berlin Carousel and more. 
17 rides that you can use any amount paid once per ticket. 
As well as culinary tour "Berlin-Mexico City-Paris-Beijing" variety show "Winter Garden" fantastic show "Fire, Water and Light," "Star Parade" in theaters and the Rock of Tanagra.

Ski Center, Cleto park (for climbers), restaurants and hotels where parents can relax while the kids frolic, and all this in 15 km from Düsseldorf.