Austria - Italy

Tour 8 persons for Austria and Italy for lovers of art and high-historical heritage.


Route: Vienna - Udine Vicenza - Mantova-Cremona - Verona, Padua - Venice - Ferrara, Urbino - Rimini of Ascoli Piceno - Bologna-Parma - Torino - Paviyskaya Certosa Milan - Bergamo-Brescia - Innsbruck

Day 1: Vienna

Meeting at the airport in Vienna - the city of music, city of Strauss, the city of the waltz. Guided walking tour through the historic center of the Austrian capital. Moving south through the Alps and the night in a hotel room near the Austrian-Italian border. 

Day 2: Udine Vicenza

Stop in g.Udine, the capital of Friuli. Walk through the historic center with Castle Hill and one of the most beautiful ceremonial areas of Northern Italy. Moving to the city A.Palladio - Vicenza, in the streets and in the vicinity of which there are dozens of the most famous buildings of the unique genius of the architect of the Northern Renaissance. (Planned to visit Villa Rotunda and Teatro Olimpico). Overnight at hotel near Verona. 

Day 3: Mantova-Cremona

Departure to the capital of the Dukes of Gonzaga - Mantua. Tour of the medieval city, inspection of buildings L-B.Alberti and Dzh.Romano. Possibility of visiting the Ducal Palace with the famous frescoes by Mantegna and Palazzo Te with frescoes Dzh.Romano ... Moving to the city of violin makers - an ancient Cremona. Walking around the city, visit its Renaissance palaces, churches and the cathedral in Lombard style. Return to the hotel in Verona. 

Day 4: Verona Padua

In the first half of the day - tour of Shakespeare's Verona with the possibility of a visit to San Zeno, the museum in the old castle or other major churches ... Moving to Padua, an ancient university city, where we will get acquainted with the masterpieces of art of the great Florentine Giotto (Chapel in the Arena) and Donatello ( Basilica of St.Anthony of Padua), walk under the ancient porticoes and beautiful area. Hotel in Padua.

Day 5: Venice

Check out the whole day in Venice. City tour, visit to the cathedral of San Marco. Wishes to have the opportunity to get acquainted with the masterpieces of the Venetian school of painting in ts.Frari (Titian, Vivarini, Bellini) and the Scuola Grande di San Rocco (Tintoretto), and visit the Academy of Fine Arts and the Doge's Palace. Return to the hotel in Padua. 

Day 6: Ferrara, Urbino

Departure to the capital of the Dukes d'Este - Ferrara, city of Renaissance palaces and Romanesque churches. Visit the cathedral and the ducal castle. Visit Skifanoya Palace, which has a unique cycle of frescoes of local Renaissance masters F. del Cossa. Moving into another ducal capital of Northern Italy High Renaissance - Urbino, ruled by the Montefeltro and Della Rovere, the home of genius Bramante and Raphael. Perhaps a visit to the ducal palace and Pinakothek. Hotel and dinner in Rimini. 

Day 7: Rimini of Ascoli Piceno

Check in the historic center of ancient Rimini. A brief walk through the city's central square, visit the temple Malatesta L-B.Alberti. A trip along the Adriatic coast to the wonderful, built of travertine "city of 50 towers" - Ascoli Piceno, elegant main square and old churches. A visit to the famous Christian relics - the monastery of Loreto, where the House of the Virgin.Inspection of its rich interior, with frescoes masters of the High Renaissance: L.Sinorelli and L.Lotto. Return to the hotel in Rimini and dinner. 

Day 8: Bologna-Parma

Departure to the capital of Emilia Romagna, the city of the first European university. Walking through the medieval center, familiarity with frescoed monasteries and churches and painting a local school in Bologna Pinakothek .... Moving to the capital of the Dukes of Farnese - Parma in the Cathedral and the main churches we look at the amazing murals of the great Correggio and Parmigianino. Hotel near Pavia. 

9th day: Turin

Check out the whole day in the capital of Piedmont - Turin industrial and royal. Inspection of its ceremonial squares and palaces, the main Christian shrines - the Shroud of Turin, the embankment of the River Po. In his spare time you can visit a palace of the Savoy kings, or the famous Egyptian museum or gallery Sabauda, ​​a museum of Italian cinematography .... Return to the hotel in Pavia. 

10th day: Paviyskaya Certosa Milan

In the morning on the way to visit Milan Certosa Paviyskoy - the mausoleum of the Duke of Milan and treasury Sforza, a unique monument of art of the Northern Renaissance. Walking tour of the center of Milan. Inspection of the Sforzesco Castle, the Market Square with buildings of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the main buildings of Bramante - the Church of San satire and della Grazie (if possible - visit "Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci or B.Luini frescoes in San Maurizio), as well as the old building University - Ka'Grande, the cathedral and La Scala Theatre. In his spare time - visit the Brera gallery or the Ambrosiana, which holds the famous masterpieces of painting and Venetian masters of the Lombard school. Return to the hotel. 

11th day: Bergamo-Brescia

A trip to Bergamo. Familiarity with the upper and lower city, the mausoleum of Colleoni, its numerous churches with masterpieces L.Lotto.Visit the Carrara Academy of Painting. In the afternoon move to Brescia. Walk through the historic center with its interesting cathedrals and monasteries. In the evening transfer to Austria through scenic mountain passes. Hotel in Innsbruck. 

12th day: Innsbruck

In the morning walking tour of the capital of the Tyrol, and then we went back. 

What is included in the tour price

Accommodation on the tour at the hotel; 
meals on the tour - Breakfast in the hotel; 
excursions on the tour with a guide; 
Hotel rates mutations both on the rules in place depending on the season, holidays and so on

Not included

optional excursions; 
entrance fees to museums, restaurants, parks, ... 
Shopping and variety of restaurants and cafes are discussed with the group and are regulated on a place that everybody would feel comfortable. 


The cost of the car and guided tours 13.800 euros.