Route: Baden Baden - Strasbourg - Freiburg - Basel - Zurich - Baden Baden

1st day

Departure from Baden Baden in the direction of Strasbourg
60 km, travel time from 1 hour to 1.20 with one stop.
Arrival in Strasbourg.
Strasbourg - Alsace stolitsf, intellectual, cultural and industrial center of north-eastern France. Located at 3 km from the Rhine, in the immediate neighborhood with Germany, Strasbourg - it's an international city: here you can easily hear the German language and a refreshing dip in the beer with pretzels at first canonical French brasserie. Even the name of the city sounds very German, and if you are not versed in the geography of Strasbourg may well be attributed to a series of other German "burg". In layman Strasbourg primarily associated with international human rights organizations.

The Council of Europe, European Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights have placed their offices here. But even without these high-profile names in Strasbourg, is something to see: the old town and canals "little France" flying peaks of Notre Dame and Alsatian Museum collection, old mansions, art galleries, and botanical gardens.
The historic center of Strasbourg is called the Grand Ile - an island formed by branches of the river Ill, in 1988 entered into the UNESCO World Heritage List. 11.00 Walking tour (3 hours) in the Old Town on the banks of the Ill river, there are situated all the important sights of Strasbourg.
Price € 120 trips per hour.
Lunch. The guide will offer you a number of restaurants to choose from.
Free time 2:00
Departure from Strasbburga in the direction of Freiburg. 90 km, travel time 1.30
Arrival in Freiburg and hotel accommodation.

2nd day

Tour of Freiburg.
The tour 3 - 4 chasa.Tsena 120 euros per hour. During the break, lunch in a restaurant to choose from.
Freiburg im Breisgau is the largest city in southern Germany and the fourth largest city in the state of Baden-Württemberg after Stuttgart, Mannheim and Karlsruhe. The city's population is about 200 000 people, among them 30,000 students. From Freiburg to such famous cities as Strasbourg, Zurich and Basel almost 100 km.
To get a first impression of this great historical city, check the first sights of the old part of the city. Each visitor Freiburg, barely noticing over the rooftops of a broken pyramid of slender towers, immediately go to the main cathedral Muenster. Then he stops in awe before the beautiful tower of Christianity, as it is called a well-known historian and writer Carl Jakob Burckhardt. While many churches and cathedrals of the Middle Ages were built over the centuries, the tower height of Munster in 116 meters was built back in 1330.
18 - 18.30
Departure from Freiburg in the direction of Basel
70 km.Vremya the way 1 - 1.15
Arriving in Basel and hotel accommodation.
At the request of (an evening walk around the city)

3rd day

The total fee of the hotel after breakfast.
Tour of Basel.
5 or 6 hours.
Price € 120 trips per hour.
Big tour of Basel includes 5:00 unforgettable moments in one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in the Swiss Confederation. We'll start our little journey from one of the main stations of the city, called the Badischer Bahnhof, and slowly go towards the old Basel, often referred to popularly as the "Big" Basel.
On the way we will be able to enjoy the views of "small" in Basel. Though this part of town and a few hurt a number of architectural monuments, as compared to the left-bank part of the city, one can not ignore its special atmosphere inherent in it "small" Basel. Here we can see one of the very important areas of Europe, which are situated around the building of world-renowned exhibition center Messe Basel. The main decoration of this place is a glass skyscraper, who was until 2011 the tallest residential building in Switzerland.

During the break, lunch in one of the restaurants of offered.
Leisure time at usmatrenie.

4th day

Vyezdiz Basel in the direction of Zurich.
98 km, travel time 1.45 with a stop.
Arriving in Zurich.
Registration at the hotel.
Tour of the center of Zurich (pedestrian) and the trip by car to interesting mestam.3,30 or 4 chasa.Tsena tour 145 euros per hour.
Zurich - the most picturesque town on the shores of Lake Zurich. Zurich richest provided Swiss city, a symbol of bourgeois stability and prosperity. Zurich ranks first in Europe in terms of quality and comfort of life. Zurich in Switzerland is famous for its numerous monuments and sights, is not affected by the world wars.
Zurich is located in the center of Europe, which enabled him to become not just financial, but also the cultural center of Europe, which subtly intertwined medieval traditions and modern art trends. Zurich S THE one of the centers of modern art avrt in Zurich are numerous galleries, exhibitions of international importance. Zurich city aromatic Swiss cheese, fine Swiss watches, unique stained-glass windows by Marc Chagall and romantic sunsets in the background of Lake Zurich. Residents of Zurich manages to combine a love for the traditions of the Middle Ages with grizzled Innovations of modern life. Quiet low snake full of trams on the background of old houses of the 13th century and ultrosovremenye construction on the background of the Alps mountain range betray Zurich charm.
Dinner in a traditional Swiss "cheese" restaurant, or you can choose for zhelaniyu.Dalee Hotel.

Day 5

After breakfast departure from Zurich in the direction of Baden Baden.
265 km, travel time 3.30 - 4 hours with a break for 15 minutes.


What is included in the tour price

Accommodation on the tour at the hotel;
meals on the tour - Breakfast in the hotel;
excursions on the tour with a guide;
accompanied by representatives of the firm. The cost of transport (4, 5 days) = 3.800
The cost of the hotel in Freiburg from 50 to 65
Price Hotel in Basel from 60 to 75
The cost of the hotel in Zurich from 80 to 120
Double rooms
Hotel rates mutations both on the rules in place depending on the season, holidays and so on.

Not included

optional excursions;
entrance fees to museums, restaurants, parks, ...


The total cost of the tour: 5,820 euros.