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Route: Baden Baden - Luxembourg - Brussels - Rottendam - Amsterdam - Düsseldorf - Frankfurt - Stuttgart - Baden Baden

1st day

Departure from Baden Baden in the direction of Luxembourg 
300 km, travel time 4:00 with 1 stop. 
Arriving in Luxembourg 
City Tour. 
3 hours price 120 per hour. At lunch break. 
Luxembourg - not only the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is also one of the three capitals of the European Union. 

It is a city of contrasts. Here, modern buildings of banks and public institutions harmoniously with old tiny streets, parks, gardens, a variety of architecture, bridges, palaces and churches, monuments and buildings of different styles and times. 
Bas amazing variety of landscapes that fit on such a small area: the valleys and plateaus, overhanging houses rocky cliffs. 
Check yl Luxembourg Bryuselya direction. 
205 km, travel time 2.45. 
Arriving in Brussels. 
Registration at the hotel. 

2nd day

City Tour. 
3 hours 120 euros per hour. 
Excursions in Brussels with a clear organization and proper coordination can rightly be considered the key to a successful holiday. This tour will make your staying memorable and informative, they introduce you to the new city of revealing it to you in all its glory.

From as will be shown and presented to the city, directly depend your mood and emotions.Therefore, our guides will offer you a proven and well-spent sightseeing program, complementing the charm of his talent and impromptu. 
It will be based on the basis of advice and wishes of our guests, both permanent and those who first came to us for help in organizing a trip to Belgium and any of its cities.Brussels is the capital of Belgium and has a number of remarkable and beloved tourist destinations. We will reveal to you all the secrets of this wonderful city, presenting it to you in all its glory and splendor! 
At lunch break. 
Free time at the discretion. 
Departure from Bryuselya in the direction of Rotterdam 
145 km, journey time 2 hours one stop. 
Arrival in Rotterdam. 
Register Hotel. 

3rd day

City Tour. 
3 hours price 120 per hour. 
Rotterdam - the second largest city and the largest port in Europe, which from 1962 to 2004.and it was the busiest in the world (after the title caught Shanghai). 

He is often called the city of architecture - a few square kilometers in the center of Rotterdam are built with the most modern and futuristic buildings of the 20th century. What you can imagine. In addition, the city is full of interesting museums, but still there are still preserved the original 7 Dutch windmills. 
In principle, Rotterdam has plenty of everything that comes to mind when thinking about the public holiday and not only water sports - please (in the city of 4 large lakes); shopping - health (2 pedestrian shopping area and about a dozen open-air markets); evening and night life - as they want and for every taste (including clubs, where they play all existing in the world of music, and coffeeshops). A Rotterdam Zoo - is generally one of the most popular destinations for a day trip to the Netherlands. But perhaps the most interesting thing - the atmosphere of the city, fairly different from the other in the Netherlands. Rotterdam most densely packed with migrants: Some Muslims are about 25%. Accordingly, there is a lot of noise, din, optimistic hopes and ambitions and are not very many traditional European tact. What variety is very good! 13.30 
Lunch in a restaurant to choose from. 
Departure from Rotterdam towards Amsterdam 
80 km, journey time of 1 hour. 
Arriving in Amsterdam. 
Leisure time at usmatrenie. 
Register Hotel. 

4th day

City Tour. 
3 hours price 120 per hour. 
Any familiarity with the city is better to start with a sightseeing tour. Sightseeing tour of Amsterdam begins with the central Dam Square. Its name arose because of a dam built on the site. The same dam on the Amstel River city owes its name. In the center of the square is a National Monument in memory of citizens killed during the Second World War. The main decoration of the square is the Royal Palace, poostrenny architect Jacob van Kampen. 
Also located on Dam Square, Madame Tussauds and the hotel "Krasnopolskiy." The city of Amsterdam is famous not only in the number of its canals and bridges, but also the number of museums. 
A special place in the culture of the Netherlands takes the State Museum (Rijkmuseum), building was constructed by architect Kaupers. The project is of the same architect built the famous Amsterdam train station. 
Close to the State Museum of the famous all over the world the Van Gogh Museum and the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art "Stedelijk". At lunch break. 
16 - 16.30 
Free time, shopping. 
Departure from Amsterdam in the direction of Düsseldorf. 
230 km, travel time of 3 hours. One stop. 
Arriving at Dusseldorf. 
Registration at the hotel. 

Day 5

City Tour. 
3:00, the price of 120 euros. 
Departure from Dusseldorf towards Frankfurt. If you wish - 
On the way stop in Cologne city tour 
3:00, the price of 100 euro per hour. 
On the way stop in Bonn tour 
2 chasa.tsena 100 euros per hour 
Arrival in Frankfurt 
Registration at the hotel. 

6th day

City Tour. 
3:00, the price of 120 euro per hour. 
Frankfurt (aka Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main) - the business capital of Germany, the most technologically advanced and modern city in the country. For his businesslike called Chicago-on-Main or Main-Hattie. But do not think that everything you see here will be constructed of concrete and glass. For example, a cozy and picturesque district of Alt-Sachsenhausen - this old Germany in all its glory. 
Do not be fooled by the local views of ancient architecture - in fact, there is hardly a single building, as indeed in the rest of the city, over 50 years. The sad historical truth is that during World War II the city was almost completely destroyed. 
However, lovingly restored, now it pleases its guests a harmonious combination of elegant mansions Museum Embankment, sheltered numerous and very interesting museums and modern buildings Quarter banks, shining in the evening thousands of lights, on the other side of the river. 
At lunch break. 
15 - 15.30 
Free time, shopping and so on. 
Departure from Frankfurt in the direction of Stuttgart 
230 km, travel time 3 hours one stop. 
Arriving in Stuttgart. 
Registration at the hotel. 

7th day

City tour. (Possibly optional) 
3:00, the price of 120 euros per hour 
In the second century on the site of the city it was organized by the royal stud farm called Stutengarten, which translates as "Garden of the mares." As a consequence the name was transformed in Stuttgart. Breeding horses, local residents no longer involved, but the horses in different shapes in the form of sculptures - are frequent visitors to the city streets. There are in Stuttgart and other animals: pigs (as a symbol of fertility), deer and a lion guarding the entrance to the new lock.

In general, the city is famous for its castles and museums, which combines different eras. But in addition the city has earned a reputation, and industrial and progressive. On it is often remembered as the headquarters of the automotive giants, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. 

The town is indeed surrounded by greenery, more than half of the urban area occupied by green spaces. The most famous park, combines a botanical garden with a petting zoo, called Wilhelma Zoologische-Botanische Garten. It was based as a royal garden.


At lunch break. 
18.00 Free time for usmatrenie. 
18.30 departure from Stuttgart in the direction of Baden Baden. 
110 km, travel time 1.45 

What is included in the tour price

Accommodation on the tour at the hotel; 
meals on the tour - Breakfast in the hotel; 
excursions on the tour with a guide; 
support representative firmy.Stoimost transport (7 days) = 6.400 
The cost of hotels from 65 to 110 euros 
Double room with breakfast. 
Hotel rates mutations both on the rules in place depending on the season, holidays and so on. 

Not included

optional excursions; 
entrance fees to museums, restaurants, parks, ... 


The total cost of the tour: 8,920 euros.